Live Betting – 10 Winning Reasons to Play the Game

Live Betting – 10 Winning Reasons to Play the Game

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There has been a phenomenon unleashed in recent times in the world of gambling; live betting, betting while a sports event is under way, has become immensely popular with both experienced and novice punters alike. The chance for people to sit down with friends and family in a bar, at home or even at the stadium, watch a football game or similar sports event, and then use the feedback from what they are watching to make any number of bets about the outcome has seen a marked surge in interest in live betting.

Of course, as is the nature with all forms of gambling, there are winners and losers, but why is live betting now so popular? Outlined below are ten reasons why people are flocking to participate in this form of betting!

1. It’s easy to register!

Registering to have a go at live betting has never been easier. All you need to do is enter your details into a trusted online gambling site. Once your account is created, you can deposit some cash to play with and begin gambling! Don’t forget to look out for sites that offer free bets for newly registered users as this can be a great way of securing additional funds to bet with completely free of charge to you, perhaps even doubling the stake money you have to play with from your first bet!v

2. It’s cheap!

Provided you set yourself a budget for your betting, live betting online can be one of the cheapest forms of entertainment there is. You can spend ?50 for a family trip to the match or the cinema these days, but you only need a fraction of that to enjoy an afternoons live betting while watching a sporting event. And remember, a sports event or cinema trip doesn’t offer you the chance to win back a good deal more money either!

3. It’s quick!

Often in a sporting event, things can happen quickly during the game that can have profound effects on the open markets. Ensuring you can get to this information to put on a bet quickly is key for many punters and with easy, one-click access available on laptops, tablets and smartphones, loading up the site and getting that bet on has never been so rapid.

4. It’s enjoyable!

There is no doubt about it; betting on a sports event does make it hugely more enjoyable for those who have wagered. If you have a small stake riding on the outcome of a game, or an event in it, then you are immediately drawn into the occasion and as a result, live betting becomes as enjoyable as much as the sporting event itself! Ask yourself this question; would sports betting be so popular if people didn’t enjoy it?

5. It’s easy to bet!

Whether you are betting via phone, the website or even using one of the many freely downloadable apps for your tablet PC or smartphone, betting live has never been easier. Simply log in, click on the live betting option and locate your match. The markets available will be displayed, select your market, select your stake, click the ok button and your bet is on within seconds! Whether you are using the software for the first time, or an old hand, placing a bet has never been easier.

6. It’s easy to see how much you can win!

Whether it is decimal or fractional odds, Asian handicap systems or just some of the phraseology used in betting, sometimes understanding how much you are going to win based on your ?10 stake, can be very confusing and a little disappointing, but not anymore. The software used by companies will now clearly outline to the punter how much their selection stands to win for the stated stake so there is no confusion over the matter.

7. What you see can directly influence how you bet for the better!

Live betting is superb for the astute punter who likes to think of themselves as a student of their chosen sport. This level of knowledge and understanding can pay off when it comes to live betting as it allows the punter to made educated and informed decisions about which bets to target and which to discard. This means that punters who observe the game closely, can use this knowledge to decide which bets offer good value and which don’t. This makes them much better gamblers.

8. It’s immediate!

There’s no need to make that annoying trip to the bank in the rain, then head down to the shops to put on a bet three days before an event, then wait 72 hours for the final result. Live betting is immediate, online and at your fingertips. All you need is your laptop, smartphone or tablet PC and an Internet connection and you are ready to bet on events happening right at that time!

9. It appeals to both novice punters and veterans alike!

The wide variety of different markets available in live betting, combined with the array of different bets available in each market means that there are hundreds of different options available. This means that live betting appeals to both the veteran gambler, who is searching all the markets for the best possible value bet, as well as the novice gambler who is simply seeking a simple bet that will enhance their enjoyment of the game. The great thing about live betting is that it can be as simple or as complex as the punter demands. You are always in control!

10. There is always the chance of that big win!

Unlike other forms of entertainment, there is always the chance with Live sports betting that what was a speculative punt, turns out to be that big win you have been dreaming about! Even if you don’t win the big money, if the Gods of fortune are smiling on you, you can turn your stake into a considerably bigger amount with just a few lucky (or well-judged!) bets. No other form of leisure activity can give you so much fun, excitement and still let you come away with a profit at the end of it!